Highway Projects


Highway 25

Highway 25 4-Lane Widening
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation with the Council of San Benito County Governments and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, is proposing the eventual replacement of 11.2 miles of the existing State Route 25 two-lane highway with a four-lane expressway in San Benito and Santa Clara counties. Highway 25 Expansion Project

Highway 25 Design Alternatives
The purpose of the Highway 25 Widening Design Alternatives Analysis Study was to identify alternative design scenarios and delivery strategies for the State Route (SR) 25 4-Lane Widening Project. As currently designed, project costs exceed anticipated highway improvement revenues in San Benito County for the next 20 years. Highway 25 Expansion Project

Highway 152
Santa Clara and San Benito counties are working together to develop and deliver infrastructure improvements to the SR 152 Trade Corridor from U.S. 101 to I-5. VTA, in coordination with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is leading the development of this project.
This project includes the realignment of SR 152 between U.S. 101 and SR 156, and the eastbound truck climbing lanes over Pacheco Pass. The improvements would accommodate the long-term travel needs of commercial, commuter, and recreational traffic and result in an economically viable, safe, and efficient highway system that would enhance the quality of life for the local communities and economic vitality of the region.

Highway 156
The San Benito Route 156 Improvement Project will construct about 5 new miles of 4-lane at-grade expressway from The Alameda in San Juan Bautista to Business Route 156 near Hollister. San Benito Route 156 provides a key east-west link between the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista as well as the Central Coast and the Central Valley. The project will reduce peak hour traffic congestion and save millions in vehicle operating and accident costs.

Highway 101
U.S. 101 passes through the northwestern portion of San Benito County for 7.5 miles and serves primarily interregional traffic. It is the main north/south route that Caltrans classified as a principal arterial and includes it as part of the Interregional Route System. San Benito County has designated the route as a Scenic Highway from the Monterey County line to SR 156, and is eligible for inclusion in the California Scenic Highway Program.

Highway 129
As a two‐lane conventional highway, SR 129 extends from Santa Cruz County into the northwestern portion of the County connecting to U.S 101 approximately 2.6 miles from the Santa Cruz/San Benito County Line. It provides access from SR 1, in Santa Cruz County to U.S. 101 for truck traffic generated by food processing plants in the Watsonville area and a sand and gravel quarry in southeastern Santa Cruz County. The route also serves agricultural production areas used by farm equipment and slow‐moving trucks carrying farm produce. SR 129 provides access to Santa Cruz and Monterey County beaches.

Completed Projects

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