Measure G

 Improving Mobility in San Benito County

The Council of Governments’ (COG) Measure G was unanimously approved by San Benito County voters on November 6, 2018. COG is working to implement the San Benito County Roads and Transportation Safety Investment Plan with a 1% sales tax, which will address these critical issues and help shape a successful transportation future for San Benito County residents for generations to come. The Measure G ballot measure was approved with 69.77% approval from San Benito County voters. The approved measure commits up to 50% of the tax revenues to Highway 25.


The measure is anticipated to generate an estimated $485 million over thirty years. The revenue from the sales tax measure will be used to fund transportation safety and mobility projects in San Benito County. Below, you can learn more about Measure G, what projects are in your local community, and review other supporting documentation.

Project Objectives

Tier I

Highway 25

Widen Highway 25 to reduce traffic congestion.

Tier II

Local Road Improvement

Maintain local roads, repair potholes, and improve traffic flow.

Tier III

Bike, Pedestrian & Public Transit

Improve bicycle & pedestrian safety, bus services for seniors, people with disabilities, and youth.

Project Updates

County of San Benito
City of Hollister

Project updates coming soon.

City of San Juan Bautista

Project photos courtesy of BenitoLink

Citizens Oversight Committee

Measure G is COG Ordinance 2018-01 and the Transportation Safety and Investment Plan approved by San Benito County voters on November 6, 2018. The measure is a one cent local transactions and use tax to be collected for 30 years to improve our local streets and roads, improve connectivity, and reduce congestion. Measure G calls for a Transportation Safety and Investment Plan Oversight Committee to be composed of San Benito County citizens to oversee compliance with the Ordinance.

Committee meeting agendas can be accessed at the following link.

About the Committee
The responsibilities of the 11-member Committee are to:

  • Ensure all transportation revenue collected from Measure G is spent in accordance with the Measure G Transportation Safety and Investment Plan (Ordinance and Expenditure Plan);
  • Have full access to the COG’s independent auditor and review the annual audits, have the authority to request and review the specific financial information;
  • Provide input on the audit to assure the funds are being expended in accordance with the Transportation Safety and Investment Plan;
  • Review and make recommendations on any proposed changes to the Transportation Safety and Investment Plan;
  • Review and comment on  the project delivery schedules and make recommendations to COG on any proposals for changing project delivery priorities; and
  • Prepare annual reports regarding the administration of the program, to be presented to the COG Board of Directors and posted to the COG’s website.

Annual Reports

  • 2020/2021 Measure G Annual Report
Committee Members
The Oversight Committee will consist of San Benito County residents that represent the geographical, social, cultural, and economic diversity of the County to ensure maximum benefit for transportation users.

  • Darlene Boyd – Education
  • John Eade – Agriculture
  • Victor Gomez – Latinx Community (Committee Chair)
  • Al Gonzales – Trade/Labor
  • Judi Johnson – Senior/Disabled Community  (Committee Vice-Chair)
  • Jose Mario Ortega – Industry
  • Tim Burns – SBC District 1
  • Hamdy Abbass – SBC District 2
  • Sandy Hughes – SBC District 3
  • Kevin Stopper – SBC District 4
  • Andrew Rollins – SBC District 5


Left to right: Front row: Sandy Hughes, Darlene Boyd, Judi Johnson.
Back Row: Kevin Stopper, Al Gonzales, Andrew Rollins, Jose Mario Ortega, John Eade, Victor Gomez, and Hamdy Abbass.
Tim Burns, not shown in the photo.

Currently there is one open position for the Committee in District 1. Interested individuals can submit an application. The representatives will serve staggered two‐year terms and can be reappointed. The Committee will meet at least once, but no more than four times per year. This is a volunteer position and members will not be compensated.

For more information on the Measure G Transportation Safety and Investment Plan Oversight Committee, please contact Veronica Lezama, COG Transportation Planner, at or by phone at (831) 637-7665, ext. 204

About Measure G

San Benito County is home to about 60,000 residents, who rely on our transportation system to get to work, school, home, and so much more, every day. There are significant transportation needs throughout the county, from local streets and roads, to major highways.

The investments proposed are reflective of the Council of Governments’ policy goals as well as the suggestions expressed by interested community groups, policy makers, partner agencies, stakeholders and the public. We heard a need for local roadway maintenance, improvements to State Route 25, as well as a desire for healthier, more walkable and bike‐friendly community. Community members also emphasized the importance of transportation to support the economic vitality of the region.

The Roads and Transportation Safety Investment Plan details the most pressing needs and a prudent solution to address them.

Transportation Safety and Investment Plan
Adopted COG Ordinance
(Full Text)
Transportation Safety and Investment Plan Summary

About COG

The Council of San Benito County Governments (COG) is the County’s transportation planning agency. Our locally elected Board of Directors is composed of five members representing all areas of San Benito County, including the City of Hollister, the City of San Juan Bautista, and the unincorporated areas of San Benito County including Aromas, Ridgemark, Tres Pinos, and others. Both the COG Board and Staff are committed to maintaining and improving transportation for all of San Benito County. COG provides a public forum for discussion at its monthly meetings and through public participation opportunities in all of its planning efforts.

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