Long Term Planning

The Council of Governments conducts long-term planning studies for San Benito County’s transportation needs. Working together with local and regional agencies, COG is completing work on several long-range plans.

2014 Regional Transportation Plan

2018 Regional Transportation Plan (2040)

2009 Bikeway and Pedestrian Master Plan

Public Participation Plan

Blueprint Plan

AMBAG Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategies



The Council of Governments finances transportation projects through a variety of federal, state and local programs. The Council of Governments actively seeks special grants for the agency’s priority transportation projects. The largest funding programs include:


2016 Reginal Transportation Improvment Program

Regional Transportation Impact Mitigation Fee Nexus Study

2010 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

2010 State Transportation Improvement Program

Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

2011 Traffic Impact Fee Study Update

Regional Surface Transportation Program

Transportation Development Act


Traffic Modeling

A traffic model is a tool for analyzing the major ways people travel using a computer program. The Council of Governments uses data generated in traffic modeling to predict driver behavior and determine long-term needs for roadway improvements in the region.

Caltrans System Analysis Study
Valley Transportation Authority Southern Gateway Study